Jenkins Job Builder Github action

When codifying Jenkins jobs, you have two options: Job DSL + seed job. More native to Jenkins, but requires Groovy scripting. Jenkins Job Builder. A third party solution, but configs are in yaml, so it’s easier to get started.

Curating cron emails

As you might know, cron captures all the output of executed tasks and mails them to the user under which the tasks are executed. The problem is that often this mail just piles up somewhere in /var/mail directory, without being ever reviewed. It’s not a good practice, akin to sweeping the trash under the carpet.

Ansible filter list based on attributes

Suppose we want to find only users who have a middle name from this: users: - name: John surname: Johnson - name: Alice surname: Wonderland - name: Bob surname: Rabbit middlename: Bebop Old, verbose way would be: - debug: msg="" loop: "" when: item.middlename is defined This results in “s...

Speeding up Ansible

Ansible playbook execution may take quite a while when connection is not configured properly. Here’s a checklist to ensure your Ansible is as fast as possible: