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Ansible filter list based on attributes

Suppose we want to find only users who have a middle name from this: users: - name: John surname: Johnson - name: Alice surname: Wonderland - name: Bob surname: Rabbit middlename: Bebop Old, verbose way would be: - debug: msg="" loop: "" when: item.middlename is defined This results in “s...

Typing diacritics Mac-style in Ubuntu 17.10

One can say many bad things about Mac OS, but what they got right for sure is typing diacritics, such as ñ or é. You don’t have to add layouts or switch languages, just use alt+n to get dead tilde and alt-e for dead acute accent.

Zimbra split horizon DNS on EC2 with Unbound

Email server behind NAT is a pain, but it can be further aggravated if your email server has a dynamic IP address. Which is the case with EC2. Granted, it will only change on stop/start of the instance, but still. Here’s a recipe to deal with it (a kludge, of course):