Static website hosting in 2019

TL;DR: use Gitlab+Netlify. With the push for back to static, I found myself looking for static hosting again. And with some specific requirements: DNS on Cloudflare SSL support for 4th level subdomains ( Which means SSL termination can’t happen on Cloudflare - their free plan only allows to ...

Zimbra split horizon DNS on EC2 with Unbound

Email server behind NAT is a pain, but it can be further aggravated if your email server has a dynamic IP address. Which is the case with EC2. Granted, it will only change on stop/start of the instance, but still. Here’s a recipe to deal with it (a kludge, of course):

Speeding up Ansible

Ansible playbook execution may take quite a while when connection is not configured properly. Here’s a checklist to ensure your Ansible is as fast as possible:

Using multiple ELBs with Cloudflare DNS

If you have an autoscaling app on EC2, you need an ELB to distribute traffic. And if you don’t trust in ELB to be HA, you need at least 2 of them. The issue is that ELBs don’t have statis IPs, they can only be referenced with CNAME. That limits your DNS hosting option to just Route53, because apex record can’t be CN...